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As manufacturers of precision compass products, map measurers and pedometers, Kasper & Richter has set new production standards still unmatched by the competition.  We welcome you to view each of the K&R products here in detail, and even find a Dealer that can provide you with K&R products today!


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Sapphire Pivot
- Designed and manufactured in Germany, each of K&R's coated "Perma-North" needles rest on a jeweled sapphire bearing for improved rotational accuracy and quick needle response.   Housed in an optically clear dampening fluid, the K&R needle is not only accurate but steady.

Triple Sighting System - Most of the K&R mirror sighting compasses are equipped with the proven triple sighting system. Luminescent sighting lines, sighting points in the baseplate and mirror, and a sighting slot in the mirror, all work together to ensure precise orientation over short or long distances.


Thermo-elastic Capsule - K&R's thermo-elastic capsule is flexible, not brittle. This accomplishes two things: 1) the capsule flexes with temperature changes to keep out bubbles, and 2) the capsule doesn't develop leaking hairline cracks when you drop it (or step on it).   Look for the thermo-elastic capsule feature on most of the K&R compass products.

Polished Aluminum Mirror - On K&R's mirror sighting compass models, the sighting mirror is made of a virtually unbreakable solid metal housed in a durable ABS lid, so there is no fragile glass or Plexiglas to crack or break.  The final result is a compass mirror designed for a lifetime of use.

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